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We offer First-class Tractors for many different projects.
Our Tractors are selling fast and customers are very satisfied. We export mostly Luoyang Lutong Tractors. They are affordable, durable and heavy duty.
We also offer excellent after sales service. Kindly contact us to learn more.

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All Machines are Brand New with Certificate of Authenticity Directly from the Manufacturer.

Contact us for other tractors.

15,400 USD ( with Anti-roll frame)

Model: LT704
Drive Type: 4×4
Overall Dimension(mm): Length 3925, Width 1728, Height(to air vent), 2170
Wheel Base(mm): Front Wheel Thread 1265
Rear Wheel Thread :1200-1500(commonly used 1300)
Min. Ground Clearance(mm): 375
Min. Operating Weight(kg): 2565
Engine Model : A4K43T70A
Rated Power(kw): 51.5
Rated Speed(r/min): 2300
Tires Specification: Front Tire 8.3-24, Rear Tire 12.4-28
Max.Lifting Force(kn)  : 13.5
Max. Traction Force(kn) :13

17,780 USD (with Anti-roll frame)

Model :    LT1004TB

Drive Type:      4×4

Overall Dimension  L×W×H(mm) :      4130×1720×2820

Wheel base(mm):       2020

Front wheel tread(mm):         1353

Rear wheel tread(mm):          1352

Min. ground clearance(mm):  370

Min. operating weight(KG):    2950

Gearbox  gears number:         12F+12R

Engine Brand: QUANCHAI

Engine Model: 4C6-100C35

Engine Rated power (Kw):      73.5

25,100 USD (with Luxury cabin)

Model: LT1404B
Drive Type: 4×4
Overall Dimension L×W×H(mm): 4675×2170×3040
Wheel base(mm): 2499
Front wheel tread(mm): 1730
Rear wheel tread(mm): 1620
Min. ground clearance(mm): 425
Min. steering radius: 4.8±0.2/5.5±0.2
Min. operating weight (KG): 4720
Gearbox gears number: 16F/8R
Speed: Forward(Kw/h) 1.82-33.34 , Reverse(Kw/h) 2.7-24.07
Engine Model: LR6M3ZU22/1030E
Rated power (Kw): 103
Tires spec.: Front tires14.9-26, Rear tires 16.9-38
Steering Type: Fully hydraulic steering

26,800 USD (with Luxury cabin)

Model: LT1604
Type: 4x4
Overall dimension Mm: 5050x2370x3000
Wheelbase mm: 2688.5
Front wheel tread mm: 1910
Rear wheel tread mm: 1662
Min.ground clearance mm: 470
Gear box: 16F+16R
Engine model: LR6M3ZU22/1177E
Engine power kw: 117.7
Tire type(front): 14.9-26
Tire type(rear): 18.4-38
PTO speed r/min: 540/1000
Steering system type: All hydraulic steering
Max.traction KN: 44.2

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