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Source the best quality solar equipment from Chinese suppliers. Our partner is the leading manufacturer of solar energy power grids.

The Intelligent control system from our product realizes lighting on demand and reduces power consumption of the whole system.

The whole lamp is simple to assemble, easy to install and maintain.

Using LiFeP04 battery, the battery life is longer and safer.

Longer cycles, economical and practical.

The integrated solar garden lamp with all-in-one design is simple, fashionable, bright and practical.

Uses solar power to save electricity and protect the earth's resources;

A high capacity and long life lithium battery is adopted to ensure the service life of the product, generally up to 8 years.

No cable is needed for easy installation;

Our product boasts a Waterproof structure making it safe and reliable, auto dimming function according to moving object.

The alloy material is used as the main part of the structure, with good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions , flexible work mode to conserve more energy and Auto self-adjustment on discharge according to daily weather.

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