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2021 Products to Import from China.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Below are a few examples of our most sought after and highest sold products to our clients from around the world all sourced from our trusted Chinese suppliers.

You may contact us with the subject of any of these listed products or any products in particular to learn more.

  • Solar Panels & Solar Powered outdoor lighting

We have partnered with a supplier that manufactures solar powered outdoor lights. Most of our clients use them for street lights, private estate , garden and car park.

  • Construction Machinery

We partner with the largest construction machinery exporter from china to bring our customers the best lifting machinery, earth moving machinery, concrete machinery , road construction machinery, agricultural machinery, drilling machinery and much more. Kindly contact us to learn more.

  • Fitness Wear

We have assisted a few clients from different countries in starting their own fitness line for both male and female athletes.

With as little as 200 sets to start off. Your customized designs, logos and tags complimented with the functional durable fabric from our trusted suppliers.

We will assist you in starting your own gym wear line. Contact us today!

  • Outdoor Lighting

We have repeatedly sourced and shipped outdoor lighting to a number of our clients. These lights are the industry's highest standard and they include 1p44, ip65 and ip67 string lights and candle bulb lights.

Most of our clients use them in decorating trees and ornaments around the christmas festive period or just to give their outdoor space a warm look.

  • Antibacterial Wet Wipes

We shipped 1000's of bags of Antibiotic wetwipes this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Our suppliers were able to provide a top quality product and we were able to sort out the logistics and customs to have the product shipped out in time. This Product is still available to order.

  • Business Gift sets

Every year especially around the festive periods our customers reach out to us and we supply business gift sets to them, they could be used as end of year gifts, christmas gifts or on any worthy occasion. the sets include many different items such as pens, notebooks, powerbanks, computer mouse, flash drive, card holder etc.

its a very hot selling products for us.

  • Virgin Human Hair

China is one of the leading exporters of human hair, and as such we have a few clients who we repeatedly ship virgin hair to.

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