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Wholesale Supplier of Pet Products 

(Stle Trading Company subsidiary)

Our goal at Petsstle is to provide your company with the best quality and market leading PET PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES at great prices. We would like to partner with you to eliminate the tiresome process of finding a suitable supplier and give you the confidence of importing Top Quality products. Our products are durable and exceptionally comfortable.

Petsstle: Services


A breif intro into some of our collections and stock.


Our luxury collars and leashes are made out of the most comfortable and durable materials and is suitable for your pet. We have a wide selection and varieties to choose from, most of which can be customized to your liking. Contact us for our full catalog.

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Our comfortable and safe harnesses are perfect for all weather and dogs of different size. With a variety of  designs, shapes and sizes you will be able to stock up your pet shop and leave your customers happy.

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Our comfortable dog beds are made with durable material and are practical. We have a wide range of selection that will make your customers very satisfied. Contact us for our full catalog.

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We supply different products which make traveling with your pet a safer and more relaxing experience. Customized logo and designs are accepted. Contact us to see our full catalog

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Our Service/Support dog series boasts a wide selection of harnesses, collars, leashes and much. Contact us to get a quote for your pet shop/business. We also have some special tags and patches for customized products.

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Some toys, useful and helpful tools for travel, grooming etc. Contact us for more accessories.

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