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Professional International Trade Supplier of Forklifts and Other Construction Machinery. We have 1ton - 25ton Forklift Available with a Wide Range of Configurations. Kindly Contact us for a Quote.

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All Machines are Brand New with Certificate of Authenticity Directly from the Manufacturer.
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8000-9000 USD

Model: CPCD20
Power type:    Diesel
Load capacity  kg:       2000
Load center     mm      500
Pallet fork maximum height (with block shelf)mm:   4039
Maximum lifting height mm:  3000
Free hoisting height    mm:     145
Overall height (upper frame protection)mm: 2140
Full length (with cargo fork)   mm:     3430
Full width  mm:           1150
The minimum ground clearance (the door)   mm:     110
The minimum turning radius (outer)  mm:     2170
Rated power   KW/rpm:         35.4/2400
Rated torque   Nm/rpm:         161.3/1600

12,000-13,000 USD

Model: CPCD35
Power type: Diesel
Load capacity kg: 3500
Load center mm: 500
Max. lifting height mm: 3000
Overall length(without forks)mm: 2770
Overall width mm: 1285
Overall height(overhead guard)mm :2170
Min. turning radius mm: 2420
Max. travel speed (with/without load) Km/h: 19/19

22,750 USD

Load capacity – 5000kg
Overall Height(Upper frame protection) - 2450 mm
Full Length(with cargo fork)- 4710 mm
Engine Manufactures- CA6110
Rated Power- KW/rpm- 83/2000
The Minimum Turning Radius(outer)- 3240 mm
The Minimum Ground Clearance(the door)- 200mm

29,000 - 30,900 USD

Model: CPCD75
Engine type: Diesel
Operation model: Sit-on type
Rated capacity kg:7500
Load center mm:600
Lift height mm:3000
Overall length without fork mm:3745
Overall widthmm:1995

39,100 USD

Model: CPCD100
Power type: Diesel
Rated capacity kg: 10000
Load center mm: 600
Lift height mm: 3000
Mast tilt angle (forward/backward) Deg: 6/12
Wheel-base mm: 2800
Lift speed(with/without load) mm/s :310/340
Lower speed (with/without load) mm/s:  (with load)<600 (without load)>300
Travel speed (with/without load) km/h : 23/26
Engine Rated power kw: 88.2/2200

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