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Excellent Bulldozers from strong brands such as HAITUI, SHANTUI and more.
We provide professional service of exporting the best top Chinese construction & engineering machinery, industrial equipment and vehicles, to meet client demands and maximize client profit in various projects.

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All Machines are Brand New with Certificate of Authenticity Directly from the Manufacturer.

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USD 113,000- 118,000

Model: SD22
Cummins Engine;
560mm Track Shoe;
6.4m3 Straight-Tilt Blade, Angle/ Semi-U/ U Blade Optional;
Coal/ Desert/ Forest Logging/ Rock/ Wetland Type Optional;
Single-Shank/ Three-Shank Ripper Optional;


USD 65,000- 68,000

Hautui 160HP Bulldozer


Model: HD16 160hp Crawler dozer

Engine :Weichai WD10G178E25

Rated Power: 131KW/1850rpm

Operating Weight: 17 Ton

Track Rollers No.: 6 each side

Track Shoe Width: 510 mm

Ground Pressure: 0.067Mpa

Blade Capacity: 4.5m3

Condition: New

USD 97,000- 102,000

Model: HD22 230HP Crawler Bulldozer
Engine: CUMMINS NT855-C280S10
Rated Power: 175KW/1800rpm
Operating Weight : 23.5Ton
Track Rollers No.; 6 each side
Track Shoe Width: 560mm
Ground Pressure: 0.077Mpa
Blade Capacity: 6.4m3
Condition: New

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